What is the role of an "admin" account holder?

An admin can manage all aspects of the Team account including:

  • Invite others to join Team account
  • Buys subscription license
  • Assign user role: Admin, User
  • Delete users
  • Create and manage user groups
  • Set team mobile policy

Create and manage mobile parameters that are auto synced across all user accounts:

  • Places
  • Tags
  • Vehicles

Control & access user trip data and records:

  • See where users are in real-time, where they’ve been, how fast they’re travelling
  • Read, edit and delete all user trip records not marked
  • Tag user trip records
  • Generate accurate, reliable reports on a range of specified criteria

However an admin can not:

  •  View the locations information of trips that is marked Invisible ( cannot see the route taken - only the distance / time travelled)
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