Welcome to Vezma.

We’re so glad that you’ve chosen our award-winning, easy to use, cost effective mobile and web solution that makes it easy to track mileage, journeys and jobs wherever you are in the world.

Vezma combines all the best attributes of GPS tracking in a “one tap app” for the self-employed, solo workers and small companies with business on the go, so let’s get moving!

Please spend just a few minutes going through this guide to learn the basics behind Vezma. We will introduce you to a number of key Vezma functions that will ensure everything about each mile travelled, and every journey taken by anyone in your user group is safely recorded & effortlessly logged in an easy to follow format.

Before we dive in, here are a few terms that will be used throughout this section:

  • Company admin user: Someone who has a company account, so that they can invite and manage individual users or a group of users
  • User: Someone who has been invited to Vezma by an “admin user” so that they can log their travel details.
  • Journey: A journey or trip taken which transmits relevant information to Vezma online.
  • Travel Log Book: Where all your journey information is stored in Vezma.

Ready? Let’s get started!

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