Completing your account settings online

To take full advantage of the Vezma app features you will need to set up some of its settings outside mobile application. Start your browser and go to Log-in to your private account with the same UID/password you used on the mobile app.


 To get ready complete these tasks. Make sure to set your vehicles, tags, and places it helps you to log more details with each trip you made.


You can add vehicles to your admin user account if you would like to associate journeys to particular vehicles. The list of vehicles is automatically synchronized with all your user devices. You can set as many vehicles as you like.


Tags help to classify records so a link can be made among otherwise unrelated records. Detailed tagging is very useful.  Later you can search your records and unveil lf.e. distance and time spent for journeys classified "business" with "goods delivery" and  "customer support" for example.


 Places allows you to quickly allocate names to locations that are frequented making it easier to distinguish locations. Places make it much easier to interpret the map, the reports and the travel log book.



Tags, vehicles and places are synchronized automatically each time Vezma mobile app connects to Vezma online account.

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