Recording your first journey

Now that the Work In Field app is installed and you have all the setting done, let's take a quick look at creating your 1st journey entry...Prior hitting start....

1) Name your trip

2) Chose the location visibility. If you chose invisible your location will not be shared.

3) If you set your vehicles you can pick and sync your vehicle odometer with the app

4) If you defined tags you can add more details to your trip. F.e. you can tag your journey as private, business, or anything else.



Once you hit start button the app tries to get the GPS signal. To get GPS might take a while, especially the first time. GPS works best outdoors with no obstructions between you and the sky.  Make sure you are facing the clear sky.

When in recording operation the icon on the Work In Field main screen will turn green / flash, and sends information to our servers every 30 seconds. This time interval cannot be changed. Even in “background” mode the app will continue to record journey information every 30 seconds.

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