Organizing & reviewing

The travel log book is a quick, simple, and easy feature that helps you to  organize, edit, and manage your trips. Its synced with your online account. 



We use OpenStreetMap to display your journeys on the map. This is a digital map of the whole world that is provided by volunteers for free use. Some areas covered by the  map may be more thoroughly documented, as volunteers might be more active there and since the OpenStreetMap is run entirely on donated resources and has a limited capacity, heavy use of the OSM map elsewhere might adversely affects other people's ability to use the map.



Making corrections


You can edit and correct your trips parameter any time either from the mobile app or once connected to your online account. All the changes you make are synced across your connected devices.

During your journey, you can change the mode of the journey taken at any time by using the tags or vehicles. The only parameter you can change while recording the trip is odometer.

Once you hit Stop recording you can review and edit and change the data associated with the trip.


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