Auto-start GPS tracking (Android Phones Only)

First you need to pair your phone to a Bluetooth device and configure Vezma to automatically start when paired with that device. Vezma will automatically reconnect when in the vicinity of a paired device and this will kick on GPS tracking. For cars not equipped with Bluetooth, one can buy Bluetooth car kits.

Connect your phone to Bluetooth

  1. Make sure that the accessory or device you want to pair is turned on and in pairing mode, so your phone can connect to it.

  2. In the device settings tap Bluetooth and turn it on. Your phone will search for any discoverable Bluetooth devices. 

  3. Tap the name of the accessory or device that you want to pair with your phone.
  4. If a PIN (also called a pairing code) is required, do one of the following: In the Pairing accessory message box, make sure that both the phone and the accessory or device display the same PIN, then tap OK.Enter the PIN for your accessory if you’re asked for it.
  5. After it’s paired, your phone will automatically connect to the device when it’s in range and Bluetooth on your phone is turned on.
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