How do I manage my expenses?

VEZMA has recently launched a new EXPENSES feature, which helps you to organize each expense. The Expense Manager helps you to keep track of gasoline purchases, oil changes, tire rotations or any type of automotive maintenance and other related expenses.


  • Each expense is listed in your Expense book, with all the necessary information (e.g. date, vehicle or cost)


Adding expenses

  • Expense - with general expenses you may add any new expense of every kind. We decided to include some of the most frequent categories (e.g. parking or car wash) to make organizing easier for you, but each of them can be easily modified in account manager to fit your personal needs best.

  • Refuelling - keep track of gasoline purchases and your driving economy. All you need to do is to pick a vehicle, set the odometer, enter the amount of gas and the price per unit. With these information, VEZMA will automatically calculate the total cost and inform you about the fuel consumption.

  • Vehicle service - when it comes to your car maintenance, VEZMA offers you a wide variety of the most frequent car reparations.


Expense categories manager

Expense categories are used to mark expenses, helping you to easily search, categorize and report them. You can easily manage your categories in MANAGE tab. You can edit an existing category or  create as many new categories as you like.

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